Issue No 03/2023

10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220730 Abstract LETTER TO THE EDITOR

Immunonochromatography Test and Overestimation in Molecular Epidemiology for Rotavirus

by Won Sriwijitalai, Viroj Wiwanitkit
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220631 Abstract LETTER TO THE EDITOR

Additional Role of Point-of-Care Testing in the Emergency Department in Laboratory Department Work: Need for Further Research

by Kazuhiko Kotani
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220705 Abstract LETTER TO THE EDITOR

The Screening and Identification of RBCs Blood Group Alloantibody by Antibody-Binding Proteins using SPRi-Based Immunosensor

by Guo-Qing Huang, Changlin Wu, Chao-Peng Shao, Xin-Du, Jian-An He
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220355 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

SMYD2 Expression: Its Relationship to Cytogenetic and Prognosis in a Newly Diagnosed Childhood B-Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

by Rania M. Gawdat, Sahar A. Khalil, Naglaa M. Hassan, Reem Nabil, Nevin M. Alazhary
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220408 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Thromboelastography Parameters Change Significantly in Patients with Endometrial Cancer and Uterine Fibroids

by Songsong Lu, Weibo Gao, Meng Li, Qinzhu Xu, Jiang Rong, Ying Song, Chen Liu
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220415 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Study on Lipid Metabolism and Related Risk Factors in Endometrial Polyps

by Jian Ren, Qi Zhou, Ziwen Jiang, Ting Li, Yan Hao
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220532 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Biological Variations of Seven Clinical Chemistry Analytes and Trolox Equivalent Antioxidant Capacity within Salivary Constituents

by Murat Usta, Tuna Semerci, Memnune Aydinhan, Aytaç Güder, Mehmet H. Köseoğlu
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220536 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Performance Evaluation of Urine Osmolality Measurement on Sysmex UF-5000 and the Effect of Molecules and Particles in Urine

by Ozgur M. Yis, Murat Alisik, Guler Bugdayci, Mehmet A. Sert, Utku G. Erdogan, Merve Ates
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220538 Abstract SHORT COMMUNICATION

Assessment of the Androstenedione Assay on a Roche Analytical Platform and Comparison with Different Methods

by Isabelle Ruth, Caroline Le Goff, Stephanie Peeters, Leonidas Bizumukama, Guillaume Deprez, Cecile Duterme, Frederic Cotton, Fleur Wolff
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220601 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Association of Neonatal Serum Creatinine Concentration with Maternal Serum Creatinine Concentration and Birth Weight

by Atsushi Kiyoshige, Kayo Osawa, Yuko Watanabe, Yuki Watanabe, Itsuko Satou, Takamitsu Imanishi, Mariko Ashina, Kazumichi Fujioka, Yoshihiko Yano, Jun Saegusa
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220608 Abstract CASE REPORT

A Case of Abnormal Results Caused by Urine Contamination in Serum During Detection

by Lihong Zhang, Enqin Wang, Minggang Lu, Yingchun Ling
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220610 Abstract CASE REPORT

Phenotypic Spectrum of Trisomy 18 Mosaicism: a New Patient and Literature Review

by Weijia Sun, Linlin Wang, Tiansheng Liu, Luping Ouyang, Wangshang Qin, Jingsi Luo, Zailong Qin
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220613 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

The Prognostic Value of Procalcitonin Clearance and Procalcitonin to Albumin Ratio in Sepsis Patients

by Xiaokun Wang, Min Jing, Lu Li, Qingxia Xu
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220644 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Prospective Evaluation of SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test for Screening of Asymptomatic Caregivers

by Kuenyoul Park, Heungsup Sung, Mi-Na Kim
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220433 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Three Novel Variants of t(8;21) and Classical t(8;21) Translocation in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

by Zhaohua Zhang, Piaoyan Zhang, Suipeng Chen, Xiao Feng, Ruqing Yang, Yongshi Zhao, Xinyi Zhou, Qianru Jin, Chuan Sun, Qian Li
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220403 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Formononetin, an Active Component of Astragalus Membranaceus, Inhibits the Pathogenesis and Progression of Esophageal Cancer Through the COX-2/Cyclin D1 Axis

by Li Chen, Dong Xing, Li-ru Guo, Jing Jin, Shengmian Li
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.210903 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Analysis of the Levels of Vitamin A, D and E in Peripheral Blood of Children in Zhejiang Province

by Ji Chai, Xuan Weifeng, Zheng Quan, Yao Dan, Li Mingyan, Wu Chaochao, Wang Yingjie, Liu Jisong
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220614 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Diagnostic Value of ATG5, Apo-Lipoprotein B-48, Thyroid Hormones, and Homocysteine in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease

by Seyedeh Fatemeh Hoseinlar, Masoud Nikanfar, Delara Laghousi, Masoud Darabi, Behrouz Shademan, Alireza Nourazarian
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220518 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Risk of Hypercalcemia in the Elderly Patients with Hypervitaminosis D and Vitamin D Intoxication

by Aslihan Calim
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220726 Abstract CASE REPORT

T/Myeloid Mixed-Phenotype Acute Leukemia with Basophilia

by Lu Kong, Lizhen Zhao, Ying Guo
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220503 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Carbapenem and Colistin Resistance, Integrons and Plasmid Replicon Types in Multi-Drug Resistant Klebsiella Strains Isolated in Turkey

by Fatma Kalayci-Yuksek, Defne Gumus, Aysun Uyanik-Ocal, Gokhan Gun, Derya Bayirli-Turan, Asli-Ceren Macunluoglu, Yasar Nakipoglu, Mine Ang-Kucuker
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220515 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

The Utility of Common Blood Coagulation Examination in Identifying Hemorrhoid Complications

by Fangchao Mei, Hui Cheng, Maowen Huang, Hongyan Zhao
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220603 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Correlations of Omentin-1 and Leptin with Bone Metabolism and Plasma Glucose Upon Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Osteoporosis

by Jiuchao Zhang, Chen Wang, Zhenguo Yang, Yangfei Xiao, Xue Mi, Lina Zhu
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220617 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Multidrug-Resistant Klebsiella, Pseudomonas and Acinetobacter Species at a Referral Hospital, Gondar, Ethiopia: a Retrospective Study

by Desie Kasew, Sirak Biset, Abraham Dessie, Afyana Fekade, Abel Getu, Mikiyas Molla, Melekot Waleligne, Biruk Bayelegn, Gizeaddis Belay, Mohabaw Jamal
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220620 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Clinical Applicability of Automated Hematology Analyzer Research Parameters for Disease Diagnosis: a Reference Interval Study

by Jiwon Lee, Sangkyoon Hong, Nan Young Kim, Yonggeun Cho, Han-Sung Kim, Hee Jung Kang, Young Kyoung Lee, Miyoung Kim
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220639 Abstract SHORT COMMUNICATION

Performance Evaluation of Two Kinds of Rapid Antigen Test Kits for Detection of COVID-19 Infection

by Jaewoong Lee, Yeongsic Kim, Jehoon Lee, Hae Kyung Lee
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220643 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Diagnostic Performance of Interferon Gamma Release Assay (IGRA) for Cell-Mediated Immune Responses to SARS-CoV-2

by Ji Yeon Ham, Nan Young Lee, Narae Hwang, Kyung Eun Song
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220704 Abstract CASE REPORT

T-SPOT.TB Negative and Diagnosed as Interstitial Pulmonary Tuberculosis by NGS: a Case Report and Literature Review

by Qin Zhang, Jing S. Bai, Jing X. Liu, Ai S. Fu, Jing M. Wang, Xin Y. Zhou, Yan L. Ge
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220417 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Serum Proteomic Analysis by Nanoflow LC-MS/MS-Based Proteomics in IgA Chronic Kidney Disease

by Dandan Xue, Mianyang Li, Daijun Xiang, Jingru Sun, Wei Zhang, Jinyan Duan, Xiaoliang Cheng, Chengbin Wang
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220626 Abstract CASE REPORT

Intracellular Rod Crystals in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

by Rui Dou, Xiaolei Wu, Dongmei Li, Yong Liu, Zhenxing Huang
10.7754/Clin.Lab.2023.221116 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Diagnostic Value of Serum Amyloid A and C-Reactive Protein in Children with Mycoplasma pneumoniae Infection

by Lu-Wei Yan, Jiao-Jiao Yin, Xiao-Yan Hu, Lin-Yan Wang, Xue-Mei Dong, Zhi-Peng Sun, Chong Zhang, Feng-Ling Jin