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Analysis of the Levels of Vitamin A, D and E in Peripheral Blood of Children in Zhejiang Province by Ji Chai, Xuan Weifeng, Zheng Quan, Yao Dan, Li Mingyan, Wu Chaochao, Wang Yingjie, Liu Jisong

Background: This study aims to investigate the serum fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E levels of children in Zhejiang Province, and to provide a reference range of fat-soluble vitamins for children in Zhejiang Province.
Methods: Between May 2019 and December 2019, 871 children who sent peripheral blood samples to Hangzhou Biozon Medical Institute Co., Ltd. for fat-soluble vitamin A, D, and E analysis were selected, including 432 boys and 439 girls. After the peripheral blood was collected, the serum A, D, and E levels were measured, and the differences in age, gender, season, and region were compared.
Results: With age, the level of vitamin A gradually increased (p < 0.01), and vitamin D2, D3, and total vitamin D all increased first and then decreased. Vitamin A (131.79 ± 47.05 ng/mL vs. 121.96 ± 41.01 ng/mL) and E (5.87 ± 2.23 μg/mL vs. 5.56 ± 2.13 μg/mL) levels of girls were higher than boys (p < 0.01), and vitamin D3 (15.25 ± 6.16 ng/mL vs.15.17 ± 7.26 ng/mL) and total vitamin D (18.09 ± 7.01 ng/mL vs. 17.03 ± 8.79 ng/mL) levels of boys were higher than girls (p < 0.01). From the perspective of regional distribution, the levels of vitamin A, D2, and E in Ningbo were higher than those in Hangzhou and other regions. The seasonal distribution of vitamin A and E levels were highest in summer, while vitamin D3 and D levels were highest in fall. The average vitamin concentrations were as follows: vitamin A was (126.81 ± 44.42) ng/mL; vitamin D2 was (1.84 ± 3.16) ng/mL, vitamin D3 was (15.71 ± 6.75) ng/mL, total vitamin D was (17.55 ± 7.91) ng/mL, and vitamin E was (5.72 ± 2.19) μg/mL. The reference value ranges of vitamin A, D2, D3, D, and E were (52.44 - 222.27) ng/mL, (0.01 - 11.66) ng/mL, (4.92 - 30.96) ng/mL, (4.92 - 30.96) ng/mL, and (2.66 - 10.92) μg/mL, respectively.
Conclusions: The childrens’ fat soluble vitamin levels in Zhejiang province show significant differences in age, gender, season, and regional distribution. Corresponding reference standards should be formulated as soon as possible, and vitamin supplements should be targeted and reasonable to ensure the healthy development of children.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.210903