Issue No 11+12/1999

Clin. Lab. 1999;45:603-608 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Comparison of Monoclonal Anti-A- and Anti-B-Reagents with Monoclonal Anti-AB-Reagents

by Erwin Strobel
Clin. Lab. 1999;45:609-610 Abstract LETTER TO THE EDITOR

Tests where the sample should not be diluted

by Yutaka Tajima
Clin. Lab. 1999;45:677-615 Abstract POSTER

Enzyme Binding Protein Assay for 25-Hydroxyvitamin D

by G. Hawa, B. Eichinger, S. Friedl, A. Missbichler, F. P. Armbruster, S. Scharla, W. Woloszczuk
Clin. Lab. 1999;45:617-622 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

LDL Cholesterol: Don't guess. Measure it. A critical examination of the Friedewald formula

by Johannes Aufenanger and Bernd Zawta
Clin. Lab. 1999 ;45:623-626 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Platelet Function Testing in Concentrates: Comparison of Apheresis Concentrate (Haemapheresis) versus Random Platelet Concentrate (Quadruple Bag)

by Ulrich Theo Seyfert, Friedrich Jung
Clin. Lab. 1999;45:627-630 Abstract POSTER

Capillary Blood, an Alternative Source for Easy Homocysteine Testing

by W. Oberrauch, D. Gibson, H.S. Fink, B. Lorenz, M. Goetzrath, G. Bruetsch, U. Till
Clin. Lab.1999;45:631-638 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Non-Infectious Transfusion.Associated Reactions - Results of Retrospective Investigations Performed in a National Blood Transfusion Service between 1994 and 1996 Including the Results of the Investigations for Bacterial Contamination

by Petra Michel, Birgit Lucke, Cornelie Lonicer, Wilhelm Weise
Clin. Lab. 1999;45:639-650 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Clinical Implications of Hepatitis G Virus (HGV) Infection

by Mireia Giménez-Barcons, José-María Sánchez-Tapias and Juan-Carlos Saiz
Clin. Lab. 1999;45:651-656 Abstract POSTER

Determination of Homocysteine Reference Intervals: Data From the European Automated FPIA Study

by Michel, G., Staub, U., Schroeder, G., Shih, J. and The Intemational HCY Evaluation Group
CIin. Lab. 1999;45:657-659 Abstract POSTER

Evaluation of the Bio-Rad 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 (25-OH-D3) HPLC-Assay

by Oberrauch W., Czerwony U., and Betz J.
Clin. Lab. 1999;45:661-663 Abstract SHORT COMMUNICATION

Ultrarapid and Semiautomated Real-Time PCR - A Breakthrough in Nucleic Acid Analysis

by Gunnar Schalasta and Michael Schmid
Clin. Lab. 1999;45:665-668 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Reference Values of Total Plasma Antioxidant Status

by Snežana Marković, Jelica Ðordevioć, Nada Majkić;-Singh, Sasa Maslać, Mihajlo Popović
Clin. Lab. 1999;45:673-674 Abstract SHORT COMMUNICATION

Analytische Faktoren bei der Bestimmung der Blutalkoholkonzentration (BAK) (German)

by H. Schuetz