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Reference Values of Total Plasma Antioxidant Status by Snežana Marković, Jelica Ðordevioć, Nada Majkić;-Singh, Sasa Maslać, Mihajlo Popović

The most important antioxidant compounds are alpha-tocopherol, ascorbic acid, carotenoids, reduced glutathione, etc. These compounds eliminate toxic oxygen, prevent lipid peroxidation and the onset of singlet oxygen, and contribute to depigmentation. In order to elucidate the important role of the antioxidant system it is necessary to determine the reference values for the total antioxidant status (TAS) in plasma. In this paper TAS values were determined in plasma of 320 voluntary blood donors of both sexes categoryzed in four age groups: 18 - 30 years, 31 - 40 years, 41 - 50 and 51 - 65 years. They were nonsmokers, took neither vitamins as supplementary nutritients nor drugs, and had no chronic pathological conditions. It was established that TAS values do not depend on age but on sex. The established reference TAS values for a male and a female population were 1.1.3 - 1.57 mmol/L and 1.02 - 1.54 mmol/L, respectively, and showed a normal Gaussian distribution.

DOI: Clin. Lab. 1999;45:665-668