Issue No 05+06/2000

Clin. Lab. 2000;46:239- 245 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Rickettsial Diseases and Their Serological Diagnosis

by E. Kováčová, J Kazár
Clin. Lab. 2000;46:247-250 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Prevalence of Hepatitis G in Patients on Chronic Hemodialysis

by Fritz K. Matzkies, Udo Bahner, Michael Weizenegger, Jan Bartel, Paul Cullen, Roland M. Schaefer
Clin. Lab. 2000;46:251-254 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Hepatitis C Virus and Oral Lichen Planus / Lichenoid Reactions: Lack of Evidence for an Association

by Kirsty M. Roy, Elizabeth M. Dickson, Konrad Spiteri Staines, Jeremy Bagg
Clin. Lab. 2000;46:261-268 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Influence of Urea on HbA1c-Determinations by Menarini HA-8140 and on the Difference Between Immunoturbidimetric and HPLC-HbA1c-Results

by J. Thoma, F. Stirn, D. Kutter
Clin. Lab. 2000;46:269-273 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Community Acquired Diarrhea - the Incidence of Astrovirus Infections in Germany

by M. Putzker, H. Sauer, G. Kirchner, O. Keksel, A. Malic
Clin. Lab. 2000;46:275-279 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Comparison of Immunoassays for the Detection of Anti-GAD65 Autoantibodies in Patients with Diabetes mellitus

by A. Pfuetzner, O.Harzer, T. Kunt, T. Forst, N. Abdollahnia, M. Loebig, H. Krauss, M. Engelbach, P. Kann, J. Beyer
Clin. Lab. 2000;46:281-284 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Chemiluminescence Immunometric Assay for Measuring Osteocalcin in Healthy Children

by Oliver Fricke, Angelika Stabrey, Eckhard Schoenau
Clin Lab. 2000;46:285-290 Abstract POSTER

Bone Resorption Marker in Pre- and Postmenopausal Females

by B. Meyer-Luerssen, L. Traber, Th. Knoerzer and H. Schmidt-Gayk
Clin. Lab. 2000; 46:291-293 Abstract SHORT COMMUNICATION

Effect of 6-Hour Exposure to 20°C on the ATP Content and other Biochemical Measures of CPDA-1 Packed Red Cells

by Thomas Ecker, Walter E. Hitzler
Clin Lab. 2000;46:295-299 Abstract LECTURE

Elecsys Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) not Detecting the Large PTH Fragment hPTH (7 - 84) ?

by H. J. Roth
Clin. Lab. 2000;46:301-302 Abstract LETTER TO THE EDITOR

Additional Comments on Pre-analytical Aspects of Lipoprotein Measurement

by Matthias Nauck, Markus Roser, Winfried Maerz. Heinrich Wieland