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Hepatitis C Virus and Oral Lichen Planus / Lichenoid Reactions: Lack of Evidence for an Association by Kirsty M. Roy, Elizabeth M. Dickson, Konrad Spiteri Staines, Jeremy Bagg

Some studies have suggested an association between the mucocutaneous disorder Iichen planus and chronic infection with hepatitis C virus. Most of these studies have been based purely on serological markers. The present study sought to detect hepatitis C virus RNA in both peripheral blood and in biopsy material collected from oral mucosal lesions. Twenty-seven patients were studied, six with classical lichen planus and 21 with oral lichenoid reactions. The diagnoses were confirmed by histopathological examination. Reverse transcription PCR was employed to detect hepatitis C virus RNA in the blood specimens. The same method was used to detect hepatitis C virus RNA in lesional tissue, following RNA extraction from sections of the biopsies. The virus was not detected in any of the paired blood and tissue specimens examined. It is concluded that hepatitis C virus is not commonly associated with oral lichen planus or lichenoid reactions in Scotland.

DOI: Clin. Lab. 2000;46:251-254