Issue No 09+10/1999

Clin. Lab. 1999;45:481-486 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Nonradioactive Hybridization in Microwells Using Chemiluminescence Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay for Detection of RT-PCR-amplified CK19- and CEA-mRNA

by Xiao Yan Zhong, Sepp Kaul, Astrid Eichler, Gunther Bastert
Clin. Lab. 1999;45:487-492 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Assay of Free Insulin in Serum of IDDM Patients: Performance of a PEG Precipitation Technique in Conjunction with an Ultrasensitive Human Insulin RIA with Regular Human Insulin and Lipidic Carriers

by Andreas Pfuetzner, Johanna K. Lang and David F. Eierman
Clin. Lab. 1999;45:499-505 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Reverse Hybridization Assay for Rapid Identification of Periodontitis-Associated Interleukin-1 Alleles

by M. Becker, M. Weizenegger, J. Bartel
CIin. Lab. 1999;45:507-515 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Applications of a Near-Patient Test for the Determination of Nicotine and its Metabolites in Urine

by Graham F. Cope, Pamela Nayyar
Clin. Lab. 1999;45:517-518 Abstract SHORT COMMUNICATION

Prevalence and Clinical Manifestations of Hepatitis G Virus Infection in Transfused Children

by M. L. Mateos, D. Tarragó, C. Camarero, A. Calvo and J. M. Brito
Clin. Lab. 1999;45:519-521 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

What we know about the Hepatitis G Virus

by M. L. Mateos, C. Camarero
Clin. Lab. 1999;45:523-528 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

The Value of FDG-PET Whole Body Imaging, Conventional Imaging, and Serum S-100 Determinations in Metastatic Malignant Melanoma

by Peter Oehr, Geesche Stegemann, Kay Steen, Juergen Ruhlmann
Clin. Lab. 1999;45:529-534 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Cytokeratins and Adhesion Molecules: New Serum Markers for Preeclampsia

by C. B. Tempfer
Clin. Lab. 1999:45:535-546 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Pre-analytical Aspects of Lipoprotein Measurement

by Johannes Aufenanger and Bernd Zawta
Clin. Lab. 1999;45:547-551 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Iron Deficiency or Haemoglobinopathy? Differential Diagnosis by Red Cell Indices Produced by the ADVIA® Bayer Haematological Automat

by Albert Kremer, Dolphe Kutter, Paul Groff