Issue No 11+12/2000

Haptoglobin: Function and Polymorphism

by Julie Wassell

Pediatric Reference Values of Estradiol, Testosterone, Lutropin, Follitropin and Prolactin

by N. Gässler, T. Peuschel and R. Pankau

A miniaturised semiautomated system for the identiflrcatio n of Yersinia species within the genus Yersinia

by H. Neubauer, M. Molitor, L. Rahalison, S. Aleksic, H. Backes, S. Chanteau and H. Meyer

Falsely Increased HbAr1c Values by HPLC and Falsely Decreased Values by Immunoassay lead to Identification of Hb Okayama and Help in the Management of a Diabetic Patient

by Christian R. Frers, Silvia Dorn, Winfried Schmidt, Lothar Kochhan, Joachim Simon-Schultz, Rüdiger Arndt

Abrupt versus Gradual Withdrawal of Vitamin K Antagonist Treatment in Patients with Venous Thromboembolic Disease: Assessment of Hypercoagulability and Clinical Outcome

by Marco R. de Groot, Tjin L. Njo, Marinus van Marwijk Kooy and Harry R. Büller

Specifrc Detection of Plasmid Bearing Yersinia fsohtes by PCR

by H. Neubauer, L.D. Sprague, A. Hensel, S. Aleksic, H. Meyer

Do Enzymatic and Jaffé Creatinine Assays Produce Comparable Results for Pre and Post Dialysis Specimens from Patients with Chronic Renal Failure?

by Brad D. Rumbelow, Michael J. Peake, Volker Ehrhardt

Current Techniques in the Understanding of Genital Herpes: Their Role in the Control of the Epidemic

by Marek J Slomka

An Overview of Assays for Serum HBV DNA

by Stephen K.N. Ho and Tak-Mao Chan