Issue No 01+02/2001

Clin. Lab. 2001;47:1-6 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Elevated Plasma Factor VIII Levels - a Novel Risk Factor for Venous Thromboembolism

by James O' Donnell and Michael Laffan
Clin. Lab. 2001;47:7-16 Abstract LITERATURE SURVEY

Reference Ranges for Analytes in Extravascular Body Fluids

by W. Heil, J. Edelmann, W. Kiemstedt, B. Zawta
Clin. Lab. 2001:47:19-21 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Recombinant Single Chain Cardiac Troponin I-C Polypeptides: Superior Calibration and Control Materials for Cardiac Troponin I Immunoassays

by Shigui Liu, Min Yuan Zhang, Qianli Song, Mingfu Ling, Lilly Kadijevic, and Qinwei Shi
Clin. Lab. 2001;47:29-33 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

B-type Natriuretic Peptide (BNP) - Validation of an Immediate Response Assay

by Michael Vogeser and Karl Jacob
Clin. Lab. 2001;47:35-40 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Evaluation of the Dade Behring Dimension RxL Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

by Smiljana Čuka, Štefica Dvornik, Kristina Draženović, Jasna Mihić
Clin. Lab.2001;47:41-49 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Serodiagnosis of Lyme Borreliosis Using Detection of Different Immunoglobulin (Sub)classes by Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay and Western Blotting

by H.A.T. Goossens, A.E. van den Bogaard, M.K.E. Nohlmans
Clin. Lab. 2001;47:51-55) Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Hepatitis B - An Important Public Health Issue

by Willis C. Maddrey
Clin. Lab. 2001;47:57-66 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Changing Clinicians' Laboratory Test Requesting Behaviour: Can the Poacher Turn Gamekeeper?

by R. Gama, A.J. Hartland, M.R. Holland
Clin. Lab. 2001;47:67-71 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Hypercalcemia of Malignancy - New Insights into an Old Syndrome

by P. Esbrit
Clin. Lab. 2001;47:73-77 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

The DSL Analog Free Testosterone Assay: Serum Levels are Not Retated to Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin in Normative Data Throughout Childhood and Adolescence

by Juergen Kratzsch, Eberhard Keller, Wolfgang Hoepffner, Grit Mueller, Andrea Reich, Kerstin Meyer, and Wieland Kiess