Issue No 01+02/2008

Clin. Lab. 2008;54:1-8 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Are Porcine and Human TSH Receptor Antibody Measurements Comparable?

by Klaus Zöphel, Philipp von Landenberg, Dirk Roggenbuck, Gerd Wunderlich, Joerg Kotzerke, Karl J Lackner
Clin. Lab. 2008;54:9-13 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Diagnostic Value of Five Commercial Tests for the Rapid Diagnosis of Clostridium Difficile-Associated Disease

by Veronique Yvette Miendje Deyi, Olivier Vandenberg, Georges Mascart, Souleymane Gning, Patricia Retore, Nicole Douat, Anne Dediste
Clin. Lab. 2008;54:15-18 Abstract CASE REPORT

The Knocked-Out Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate: Periodontal Abscess

by Alper Sevinc, Yasar Bayindir, Ayse But
Clin. Lab. 2008;54:19-24 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

SimChip - Computer Simulation of mRNA Steady States

by Georg Hoffmann, Rasso Ostermeir, Holger Müller, Norman Bitterlich, Peter Martus, Michael Neumaier
Clin. Lab. 2008;54:25-28 Abstract POSTER

Novel System for Worldwide Qualified Transport of Red Blood Cell Concentrates (RBC) under Extreme Environmental Conditions

by Thomas Klose, Michael Putzker, Axel Pruß, Hans-Hubert Borchert