Issue No 11+12/2001

Clin. Lab. 2001;47:549-554 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Detection Limit, Cut-off and Specificity of an Improved Rapid Assay for Cardiac Troponin T

by Hannsjoerg Baum, Thomas Bertsch, Juergen Bohner, Klaus-Werner von Pape, Torsten Hoff, Baerbel Wilke, Norbert Katz, Hilmar Luthe, Hartwig Luz, Dietmar Nagel, Christoph Niederhauser, Ron H. N. van Schaik, Christine Aschenneller, Ilse Schulz, Rainer Zerback
Clin. Lab. 2001;47:555-559 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Predicting the Risk of Restenosis after Angioplasty in Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease

by Regina E. Roller, Wolfgang J. Schnedl, Christian Korninger