Issue No 11+12/2002

Long-Term Variability of Bone Turnover Markers in Patients with Non-Metastatic Breast Cancer

by MJ Seibel, M Koeller, B van der Velden, I Diel

Markers of Bone Turnover Do Not Predict Bone Metastases in Breast Cancer

by MJ Seibel, M Koeller, B van der Velden, I Diel

New Assays for Intact Parathyroid Hormone and their Clinical Releyance for the Diagnosis of Hyperparathyroidism

by Heinz Jürgen Roth, Christine Albert, Heinrich Schmidt-Gayk

Serum Erythropoietin Concentrations in Patients with Anemia - Preliminary Hemoglobin-Related Reference Ranges

by Michael Vogeser, Xaver Schiel

Endogenous Regulation of Insulin Secretion by UCP2

by Catherine B. Chan

Molecular Diagnostics of Solid Malignant Tumours

by Burkhard H. Brandt

IgD Myeloma: Clinical, Biological and Laboratory Features

by David Sinclair

Leukocyte Counts in Cerebrospinal Fluid with the Automated Hematology Analyzer, Technicon H*3

by Suphan Soogarun, Sanong Sirimongkolsakul, Viroj Wiwanitkit, Atchasai Siritantikorn, Kanokorn Pimsane, Ritthichai Srivijarn

Serum Erythropoietin Levels in Pediatric Patients with ß-Thalassemia/Hemoglobin E

by Nara Paritpokee, Viroj Wiwanitkit, Narudee Bhokaisawan, Chaiyaporn Boonchalermvichian, Paungpayom Preechakas

How to Make Things Work Again - Troubleshooting Using the GC-IDMS Determination of Triacylglycerols as an Example

by Michael Kress, Dieane Meißner, Patricia Kaiser, William Graham Wood