Issue No 07+08/2009

Clin. Lab. 2009;55:267-273 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Performance of Elecsys® Toxo IgG and IgM Immunoassays

by Josef van Helden
Clin. Lab. 2009;55:275-281 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Differences in the Results and Interpretation of Oxidized LDL Cholesterol by Two ELISA Assays – An Evaluation with Samples from the PIOstat Study

by Andreas Pfützner, Karagiannis Efstrathios, Mirjam Löbig, Franz Paul Armbruster, Markolf Hanefeld, Thomas Forst
Clin. Lab. 2009;55:283-288 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Quantitative Determination of Cerebrospinal Fluid Bilirubin on a High Throughput Chemistry Analyzer

by Degmo Said Ahmed, Anders Larsson, Lars Hillered, Brigitte Wande, Ingvar Ryden
Clin. Lab. 2009;55:289-296 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Performance of a Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization-Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry System for the Identification of Bacterial Isolates in the Clinical Routine Laboratory

by Ulrich Eigner, Martin Holfelder, Klaus Oberdorfer, Ulrike Betz-Wild, Daniela Bertsch, Anne-Marie Fahr