Issue No 09+10/2003

Current and Future Applications of Bone TurnoverMarkers

by Stephan Chrisigau and Paul A. C. Cloos

A Compilation of Bone Marker Tests as Found in the Internet

by Lydia Traber

Two Sensitive and Rapid Chromogenic Assays of Fondaparinux Sodium (Arixtra®)in Human Plasma and Other Biological Matrices

by Francis Paolucci, Helma Frasa, Frank Van Aarle, Anna Capdevla, Marie-ChristineClavies, Theo van Dinther, Francois Donau Yvonne Hendriks, Michiel van denHeuvel, Teresa Nadal, Fabrice Lagrange, Joseph Necciari, Yolanda Perez

Immunoassay for Soluble RANKL (Receptor Activator of NF-CB Ligand) in Serum

by Gerhard Hawa, Natascha Brinskelle-Schmal, Karin Glatz, Sonja Mailzen andWolfgang Woloszczuk

Determination of the Components in Erythrocytes using an Automated Analyzer

by Shinobu Ttmaka, Honami Takada, Chiknra Kurata, Yoshimasa Haga, Yasuyuki Okamoto

More on the Reliability of the Microparticle Enzyme Imrnunoassay (MEIA) forTherapeutic Tacrolimus Monitoring

by Jesus Hermida and J. Carlos Tutor

Thrombin Activatable Fibrinolysis Inhibitor (TAFI) A Link between Coagulationand Fibrinolysis

by Jovan P. Antovic

Laboratory-based Diagnosis of Brucellosis - Review of the Literature Part I:Techniques for Direct Detection and Identification Brucella spp.

by Sascha AI Dahouk, Herben Tomaso, Rarsten Nöckler, Heinrich Neubauer, DimitriosFraugoulidis