Issue No 09+10/2003

Clin. Lab. 2003;49:439-446 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Current and Future Applications of Bone Turnover Markers

by Stephan Christgau and Paul A. C. Cloos

A Compilation of Bone Marker Tests as Found in the Internet

by Lydia Traber
Clin. Lab. 2003;49:451-460 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Two Sensitive and Rapid Chromogenic Assays of Fondaparinux Sodium (Arixtra®)in Human Plasma and Other Biological Matrices

by Francis Paolucci, Helma Frasa, Frank Van Aarle, Anna Capdevla, Marie-Christine Clavies, Theo van Dinther, Francois Donau Yvonne Hendriks, Michiel van den Heuvel, Teresa Nadal, Fabrice Lagrange, Joseph Necciari, Yolanda Perez
Clin. Lab. 2003;49:461-463 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Immunoassay for Soluble RANKL (Receptor Activator of NF-ĸB Ligand) in Serum

by Gerhard Hawa, Natascha Brinskelle-Schmal, Karin Glatz, Sonja Maitzen and Wolfgang Woloszczuk
Clin. Lab. 2003;49:465-469 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Determination of the Components in Erythrocytes using an Automated Analyzer

by Shinobu Tanaka, Honami Takada, Chikara Kurata, Yoshimasa Haga, Yasuyuki Okamoto
Clin. Lab. 2003;49:471-474 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

More on the Reliability of the Microparticle Enzyme Imrnunoassay (MEIA) forTherapeutic Tacrolimus Monitoring

by Jesus Hermida and J. Carlos Tutor
Clin. Lab. 2003;49:475-486 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Thrombin Activatable Fibrinolysis Inhibitor (TAFI) A Link between Coagulationand Fibrinolysis

by Jovan P. Antovic
Clin. Lab. 2003;49:487-505 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Laboratory-based Diagnosis of Brucellosis - Review of the Literature Part I: Techniques for Direct Detection and Identification Brucella spp.

by Sascha AI Dahouk, Herben Tomaso, Rarsten Nöckler, Heinrich Neubauer, Dimitrios Fraugoulidis