Issue No 05+06/2004

Clin.Lab. 2004;50:255-264 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Bone Metabolism, Mineral Homeostasis and its Pharmacological Modulation

by Markus J. Seibel
Clin. Lab. 2004;50:265-270 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Use of the Erythrophagocytosis Assay for Predicting the Clinical Consequences of Immune Blood Cell Destruction

by Claudia S. Biondi, Carlos M. Cotorruelo, Alejandra Ensinck, Liliana L. Racca, Amelia L. Racca
Clin. Lab. 2004;50:271-278 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Plasma Cell Membrane Glycoprotein 1 (PC-1): A Marker of Insulin Resistance in Obesity, Uremia and Diabetes Mellitus

by Vladisav Stefanović, Slobodan Antić
Clin. Lab. 2004;50:279-289 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

An Immunoassay for Measuring Fragments of Newly Synthesized Collagen Type I Produced During Metastatic Invasion of Bone

by Paul. A. C. Cloos, Nina Lyubimova, Helene Solberg, Per Qvist, Claus Christiansen, Inger Byrjalsen, Stephan Christgau
Clin. Lab. 2004;50:291-294 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Determination of Alanine Aminotransferase in Blood Donor Screening - Evidence of its Usefulness in the Prevention of Post-Transfusion Hepatitis

by Sandra T. Khouri, Edmundo P. A. Lopes, Renata M. Perez, Virginia M. Figueiredo, Valeria P. Lanzoni, Antonio Eduardo B. Silva, Maria Lucia G. Ferraz
Clin. Lab. 2004;50:295-304 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Autoantibodies to Prothrombin and Phosphatidylserine/Prothrombin-Complexes: Do they contribute to the Serodiagnosis of Primary and Secondary Anti-Phospholipid Syndrome?

by Jaekel H.-P., Trabandt A., Schmid D., Grobe N., Müller E.-W., Ziutelis V., Kaskel-Paul S., Höh H., Bauer B., Sudik R., Baldauf A., Werle E.
Clin. Lab. 2004;50:305-316 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

A Highly Reproducible and Economically Competitive SNP Analysis of Several Well Characterized Human Mutations

by Martin Behrens, Robert Lange
Clin. Lab. 2004;50:317-323 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Time and Temperature Dependant Changes in Red Blood Cell Analytes Used for Testing Recombinant Erythropoietin Abuse in Sports

by Neil Robinson, Patrice Mangin, Martial Saugy
Clin. Lab. 2004;50:325-331 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Understanding the Clinical Biochemistry of N-Terminal Pro-B-Type Natriuretic Peptide: the Prerequisite for Its Optimal Clinical Use

by Mauro Panteghini, Aldo Clerico
Clin. Lab. 2004;50:333-346 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Comparability of Method Results and Performance in a National External Quality Assessment Scheme between 1993 and 2003 using Thyroid Associated Analytes as Examples

by William Graham Wood, Reiner Hanke, Hans Reinauer