Issue No 09+10/2005


Biological Background and Role of Adiponectin as Marker for Insulin Resistance and Cardiovascular Risk

by Thomas Schöndorf, Agnes Mai worin, NeiI Emmison, Thomas Forst, Andreas Pfützner

Evaluation of a New Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for the Determination of Neopterin

by Michaela Bayer, Sven Schmitz, Jürgen Westermann, Frank Thiemann, Ralf Edelmann, Claudia Szakacs,Gerhard Lanzer and Jens Blecken

Complementing the Patient: a Complement Component Deficiency in a Patient with Recurrent Infections and Glomerulonephritis

by David Sinclair, Graeme Wilde, Samantha Bex, Sheila Peters

Serum Estradiol after Single Dose hCG Administration Correlates with Leydig Cell Reserve in Hypogonadal Men: Reassessment of the hCG Stimulation Test

by Christian Meier, Mirjam Christ-Crain, Caroline Christoffel-Courtin, Jean-Jacques Staub, Beat Müller

Detection and Identification of Significant ANAs in Previously Determined ANA Negative Samples

by Kara Kidd, Karen Cusi, Ruth Mucllcr, Megan Goodner, Bob Boyes and Eric Hoy

Measurement of Whole Blood Viscosity Profiles via an Automated Viscometer: Technical Details and Clinical Relevance

by Tamas Alexy, Eszter Pais, Rosalinda B Wenby, William Hogenauer, Kaiman Toth, Herbert J Meiselman, Kenneth R Kenscy

Circulating Endothelial Cells: Markers of Vascular Dysfunction

by PKY Goon, CJ Boos, GYH Lip

Hemochromatosis Gene HFE Cys282Tyr Mutation Analysis in a Cohort of Northeast German Hospitalized Paticnts Supports Assumption of a North to South Allele Frequency Gradient throughout Germany

by Patrick Meier, Peter Schuff-Werner, Michael Steiner

Some Practical Thoughts on Restructuring the Current Guideline of the Federal Medical Council (Richtlinie der Bundesärztekammer [RiliBAK]) in Germany for Quality Control of Clinical Laboratory Analyses based on Results from External Quality Assessment Surveys

by William Graham Wood

ERRATUM of the article: Transmission of Viruses through Corneal Transplantation

by Pierre-Yves R. Robert, Jean-Paul Adenis, Francois Denis, Sylvie Ranger-Rogez