Issue No 11+12/2011

Clin. Lab. 2011;57:983-992 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Procedure for Determination of Immunosuppressive Drugs in Whole Blood with Liquid Chromatography-Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry

by Petra Magdolna Molnár, László Dux, Hans Reinauer, Michael Kress, Theodorus Akerboom, Edit Szederkényi, Patricia Kaiser
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:847-857 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Evaluation of Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Nickel in Biological Samples (Scalp Hair, Serum, Blood, and Urine) of Pakistani Viral Hepatitis (A – E) Patients and Controls

by Hassan Imran Afridi, Tasneem Gul Kazi, Faheem Shah, Hafeez-Ur-Rehman Sheikh, Nida Fatima Kolachi
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:859-866 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Plasma and Urinary HPLC-ED Determination of the Ratio of 8-OHdG/2-dG in Parkinson's Disease

by A Bolner, M Pilleri, V De Riva, GP Nordera
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:879-885 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Reduced Expression of Chemerin is Associated With a Poor Prognosis and a Lowed Infiltration of Both Dendritic Cells and Natural Killer Cells in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma

by Wei Lin, Yan-Ling Chen, Lei Jian, Jin-Kun Chen
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:887-893 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Effectiveness of a High-Throughput Genetic Analysis in the Identification of Responders/Non-responders to CYP2D6-Metabolized Drugs

by Maria Savino, Davide Seripa, Antonietta P. Gallo, Maria Garrubba, Grazia D’Onofrio, Alessandra Bizzarro, Giulia Paroni, Francesco Paris, Patrizia Mecocci, Carlo Masullo, Alberto Pilotto, Stefano A. Santini
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:895-899 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Evaluation of Anti-CCP Antibody for Diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis

by Nadeem Afzal, Sara Karim, Tafazzul-e-Haque Mahmud, Waqas Sami, Maria Arif, Sarwar Abbas
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:901-907 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Reduced Levels of Anti-MDA LDL Antibodies in Patients with Carbohydrate Metabolism Disorders

by Lourdes Garrido-Sánchez, JM García-Pinilla, Manolo Jiménez-Navarro, Julia Fernández-Pastora, Juan H Alonso-Briales, Jose M Hernández-Garcia, Eduardo de-Teresa-Galván, Francisco J Tinahones
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:909-918 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Assement of Intestinal Permeability Using Sugar Probes: Influence of Urinary Volume

by Francesca Mattioli, Carmen Fucile, Valeria Marini, Luca Isola, Fabio Montanaro, Vincenzo Savarino, Antonietta Martelli
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:919-924 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Comparison of Polymerase Chain Reaction and Conventional Methods for Diagnosis of Listeria monocytogenes Isolated from Different Clinical Specimens and Food Stuffs

by Mona A. Shalaby, Mervat S. Mohamed, Marwa A. Mansour, Al Shimaa L. Abd El-Haffiz
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:925-932 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Comparison of Serum Cardiac Specific Biomarker Release after Non-Cardiac Thoracic Surgery

by Thomas Muley, Markus Kurz, Clemens Männle, Adjmal Alekozai, Susanne Winteroll, Hendrik Dienemann, Werner Schmidt, Joachim Pfannschmidt
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:933-938 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Serum Homocysteine Level and its Association with Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 in Third Trimester in Pregnancies Complicated with Intrauterine Growth Restriction

by Amita K Gadhok, Maheep Sinha, Rakesh Khunteta, Satish Kumar Vardey, Chitra Upadhyaya, Tarun Kumar Sharma, Mansi Jha
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:867-878 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Evaluation of Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Nickel, and Zinc in Biological Samples (Scalp Hair, Blood, and Urine) of Tuberculosis and Diarrhea Male Human Immunodeficiency Virus Patients

by Hassan Imran Afridi, Tasneem Gul Kazi, Naveed Kazi, Ghulam Abbas Kandhro, Abdul Qadir Shah, Jameel Ahmed Baig, Sumaira Khan, Nida Fatima Kolachi, Sham Kumar Wadhwa, Faheem Shah
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:939-946 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Vitamin A, E, B12, and Folic Acid in End-Stage Renal Disease Tunisian Patients: Status and Predictive Value for Overall Mortality and Cardiovascular Events

by Hayet Fellah, Moncef Feki, Sameh Hadj Taieb, Bassem Hammami, Karima Boubaker, Bernard Lacour, Taieb Ben Abdallah, Naziha Kaabachi
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:947-952 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Analysis of Clinical and Pathological Characteristics of 28 Cases with Renal Amyloidosis

by Xuejing Zhu, Fuyou Liu, Yinghong Liu, Hong Liu, Xiangqing Xu, Youming Peng, Lin Sun, Shuguang Yuan
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:953-957 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein-1 and Glycodelin Levels in Uterine Flushing Before and after Hysteroscopic Polypectomy

by Manal M. Elbehery, Amal A. Nouh, Mohamed L. Mohamed, Amal A. Alanwar, Somia H. Abd-Allah, Sally M. Shalaby
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:959-967 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Detection and Characterization of Enterovirus Associated with Herpangina and Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease in Seoul, Korea

by S. H. Park, S. S. Choi, S. A. Oh, C. K. Kim, S. J. Cho, J. H. Lee, S. H. Ryu, S. H. Pak, S. K. Jung, J. I. Lee, G. Y. Park, S. M. Choi, Y. Z. Chae, B. H Kang, D. S. Cheon, H. S. Kim
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:969-974 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Allergy to Cockroaches: Challenges in Diagnosis

by Maria Isabella Londres, Filipe W. Sarinho, Paulo J. Miranda, Dirceu Solé, Emanuel Sarinho
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:975-981 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Association Between Angiographically Assessed Coronary Artery Disease and Serum Levels of Prostate Specific Antigen

by Mohammad Ali Boroumand, Maryam Sotoudeh Anvari, Elham Amelimojarad, Saeed Shoar, Mohammad Naderan, Parin Yazdanifard, Abbasali Karimi, Hamidreza Goodarzynejad
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:993-998 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia Coli Directly From Stool Samples by Real-Time PCR in Comparison to Culture, Enzyme Immunoassay and Vero Cell Cytotoxicity Assay

by Andreas Gerritzen, Johann-Wolfgang Wittke, Dietmar Wolff
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:999-1006 Abstract PRELIMINARY STUDY

Serum Matrix Gla Protein Concentrations in Patients with Mild and Severe Acute Pancreatitis

by Beata Kusnierz-Cabala, Anna Gurda-Duda, Bogdan Solnica, Danuta Fedak, Paulina Dumnicka, Jozefa Panek, Jan Kulig
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:1007-1009 Abstract CASE REPORT

Streptococcus Bovis Isolated in Haemoculture a Signal of Malignant Lesion of the Colon

by Gentian Kasmi, Robert Andoni, Vasilika Mano, Dhimiter Kraja, Ermira Muço, Irema Kasmi
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:1011-1014 Abstract SHORT COMMUNICATION

CYFRA 21-1 as a Tool for Distant Metastasis Detection in Lung Cancer

by J. L. Cabrera-Alarcon, A. Carrillo-Vico, J. D. Santotoribio, A. Leon-Justel, R. Sanchez-Gil, A. Gonzalez-Castro, J. M. Guerrero
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:1015-1019 Abstract SHORT COMMUNICATION

B-Type Natriuretic Peptide Measured in Serum – Calibration Using Plasma Samples for Research Purposes

by M. Severo, M. Pereira, P. Bettencourt, R. Gaio, A. Azevedo
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:1021-1025 Abstract SHORT COMMUNICATION

Peptidyl-Arginine Deiminase: An Additional Marker of Rheumatoid Arthritis

by Pranab S. Basu, Ramdhan Majhi, Samit Ghosal, Sandip K. Batabyal
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:1027-1029 Abstract SHORT COMMUNICATION

Urine TGF- β1 Assay Validation: Spinning Down Urine Samples Could Diminish TGF-β1 Signal

by Igor Y. Pavlov, Fuad Shihab, Julio C. Delgado
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:1031-1035 Abstract SHORT COMMUNICATION

Comparison of Three Single Platform Methods for CD34+ Hematopoietic Stem Cell Enumeration by Flow Cytometry

by I. Marinov, A. Luxova, V. Tkacova, Z. Gasova, D. Pohlreich, P. Cetkovsky
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:1037-1039 Abstract LETTER TO THE EDITOR

Polymeric Forms of Light Chain: What Laboratories and Clinicians Need to Know

by Alison M. Levoguer, Alex Legg
Clin. Lab. 2011;57:1041-1042 Abstract ERRATUM

Erratum to “Variant e19a2 BCR-ABL1 Fusion Transcript in Typical Chronic Myeloid Leukemia” [Clin. Lab. 2011;57:785-88]

by Andreea Christina Tutulan-Cunita, Sorina Mihaela Chirieac, Gabriela Mocanu, Catalina Luca, Marieta Costache, Agripina Lungeanu, Aurora Arghir

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