Issue No 05+06/1999

Corticosteroid-Binding Globulin and Free Serum cortisol in Healthy Subjects

by Michael Vogeser, Karl Jacob

Investigation of Pharmacia UniCAP 100 for in vitro Allergy Diagnosis

by Nicolas Liappis, Astrit Starke, Olle Lantto and Birgitta Rydén

Biochemical Markers of Bone Metabolism - Update 1999 Part I: Basic Principles

by Markus J. Seibel and Henning W. Woitge

Determination of Urinary Protein Fractions by Different Electrophoretic Methods in Comparison to Quantitatively Determined Protein Concentrations

by Gudrun Wiedemann, Andreas Umbreit

The Clinical Significance of Glycation

by P. J. Thornalley

The Nitric Oxide/Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate System in Human Myometrium at Term

by Angela Küng, Ursula Von Mandach, Renate Huch, Albert Huch

Determination of the Soluble Transferrin Receptor in Serum: Evaluation of two Enzyme Immunoassays and a Particle-Enhanced fmmunonephelometric Assay

by Susanne Kolbe-Busch, Christoph M. Niederau, Hans Rernauer

Determination of Human Calcitonin (hCT) by a Novel ELISA Kit

by Jürgen Westermann, Nicola Kleinfeld, Hans Manneck and Christian Krüger