Issue No 03+04/2000

A Review on Melioidosis with Special Respect on Molecular and Immunological Diagnostic Techniques

by Gregor Zysk, Wolf D. Splettstösser and Heinrich Neubauer

Evaluation of a Sensitive Immunoluminometric Assay for the Determination of C-Reactive Protein (CRP) in Serum and Plasma antl the Establishment of Reference Ranges for Different Groups of Subjects

by W.G. Wood, J. Lüdemann, R. Mitusch, J. Heinrich, R. Maass and Ursula Frick

Homocysteine in Renal Disease

by Didier Ducloux, Gérard Motte and Jean-Marc Chalopin

Lipids and Stability of Menopausal Status in Middle-Aged Women within Two Years

by C. Mix, S. Bergmann, K. Kocis, P. Richter, W. Jaross

Evaluation of a Centrifuge with Rapid Turnaround Time for the Preparation of Plasma Samples for Measurement of Common STAT Markers on the ACS: 180@ System

by Kimberly Foster, Pradip Datta, Marcelle Orswell, Katja Tasaico, Alan Alpert and Bany Bluestein

The Detection of Recombinant Hepatitis B Surface Antigen from "Vaccine Escape Mutants" in Two HBsAg Immunoassays

by D.O. Shah, P. Coleman, J. Chen, B. Peterson, A. Dimarco and J. Stewart

Development of a Novel ELISA for 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D

by F.P. Armbruster, S. Friedl, M. Karmatschek, B. Heckl-Ostreicher, H. Reichel and'Woloszczuk

External Evaluation of LIAISON@ Tumour Marker Assays on the Fully Automated Chemiluminescent LIAISOIN@ Immunoassay Analyser

by Rafael Molina, Johannes Bonfrer, Guiseppe Banfi, Marie-José Bugugnani, Francois Cornu, Kurt Hannemann-Pohl, Walter Hubl, Ottorino Merz, Marion Bach and Michael Mack

Evaluation of the LIAISON@ Thyroiil Chemiluminescence Immunoassays

by Walter Hubl, Dieter Meißner, Thomas Demant, Wolfgang Becker, Rudolph Hörmann, Marion Bach and Michael Mack

Molecular Risk Factors for Thrombosis and Risk Factors in Venous Thrombotic Disease

by K.-G. Heinze

Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia

by K.-G. Heinze

Principles of Clinical Laboratory Accreditation