Issue No 05+06/2001

Detection of Anti-Ovalbumin IgG in Serum by Immune Complex Transfer Enzyme Immunoassay

by Kouichi Hirota, Tomomi Kamashima and Masayuki Totani

Screening of Blood Donations by Hepatitis C Virus Polymerase Chain Reaction (HCV-PCR) Improves Safety of Blood Products by Window Period Reduction

by Walter E. Hitzler, Stefan Runkel

Simplicity Through Complexity: Immunoblot With Recombinant Antigens as the New Gold Standard in Epstein-Barr Virus Serology

by Georg Bauer

Effect of Immunotherapy on Eosinophil Activation in Pollen Sensitive Children

by Claudia J. Pronk-Admiraal, Piet P.M. Schilte and Piet C.M. Bartels

Review of the Epidemiology, Molecular Characterization and Tropism of the Hepatitis G Virus / GBV-C

by Timothy J. Tucker, Heidi E. Smuts

Comparison of Monoclonal and Polyclonal anti-P1 Reagents

by Erwin Strobel

Present-day Investigations Cannot Adequately Determine the Risk of Acute Coronary Syndromes

by Roger S-Y Foo

Cardiac Natriuretic Peptides: New Laboratory Parameters In Heart Failure Patients

by Angelika Hammerer-Lercher, Bernd Puschendorf, Johannes Mair

The Determination of Free and Protein-Bound Haemoglobin in Plasma using a Combination of HPLC and Absorption Spectrometry

by William Graham Wood, Michael Kress, Dieane Meissner, Rainer Hanke and Hans Reinauer

DNA-binding Activity of Anti-DNA Antibody is Inhibited by an Inorganic Polyanion, Undecatungstophosphate

by Yutaka Tajima