Issue No 09+10/2002

Internal Quality Control for Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Measured by TEST-I Analyzer

by Davide Giavarina, Silvano Captzzo, Fabrizio Cauduro, Mariarosa Cafta, Giuliano Sofhati

Hemostasis, Infl ammation and Cardiovascular Disease

by José A. Páramo, Josune Orbe

Hyperhomocysteinemia: a New Risk Factor for Degenerative Diseases

by Wolfgang Herrmann, Jean-Pierre Knapp

Intravascular Haemolysis: A Potential Missed Diagnosis

by David Sinclair, Philip Briston, Emma Rutland

Clinical Evaluation of a NASBA-Based Assay for Detection of Candida spp. in Blood and Blood Cultures

by Annemarie Borst, Jan Verhoef, Edwin Boel, Ad C. Fluit

An Evaluation of an Automated Homocysteine Method on the Bayer ADVIA Centaur@ Automated Chemiluminescent System

by H.J. Mindicino, J. Carlsen, P. Tewari, O. Aagaard, B.Zhang, C. Conarpe

Whole Blood Interleukin-8 Concentrations in Capillary and Cord Blood of Neonates for the Diagnosis of Systemic Inflammatory States

by Klaus P. Kohse, Angelika Carl, Gerald Steinbach

Diagnosis of Atrophic Gastritis from a Serum Sample

by Pentti Sipponen, Matti Härkönen, Arto Alanko and Osmo Suovaniemi

Annexin V does not Represent a Diagnostic Alternative to Myoglobin for Early Detection of Myocardial Infarction

by Dirk Peetz, Gerd Hafner, Stefan Blankenberg, Ali Asghar Peivandi, Rosemarie Schweigert, Karin Brunner, Manfred Dahm, Hans J. Rupprecht, Martin Möckel

Combined One-Tube Osmotic Fragility (OF) Test and Dichlorophenol-indolphenol (DCIP) Test Screening for Ilemoglobin Disorders, an Experience in 213 Thai Pregnant Women

by V. Wiwanitkit, J. Suwansaksri, N. Paritpokee

Hepatitis C Virus Transfusion-Transmitted Infection in Brazilian Cardiac Surgery Patients

by Cristiane A. Villela Nogueira, Daniel C. Edelman, Carmen Martins Nogueira, Susie Andries Nogueira, Henrique Sergio M.Coelho, Luiz Joao Abrahao Jr, Bart Vanderboght, John S. Lambert, Niel T. Constantine

The Measurement of Theophylline in Human Serum or Plasma Using Gas Chromatography and Isotope Dilution- Mass Spectrometry (GC-IDMS) Taking other Substituted Xanthines into Consideration

by Michael Kress, Dieane Meißner, Patricia Kaiser, Rainer Hanke and William Graham Wood

Determination of Theophylline by HPLC and GC-IDMS, the Effect of Chemically Similar Xanthine Derivatives on the Specificity of the Method and the Possibility of Paracetamol as Interfering Substance

by Michael Kress, Dieane Meißner, Patricia Kaiser, Rainer Hanke and William Graham Wood