Issue No 05+06/2002

IgA-Antitissue Transglutaminase: Validation of a Commercial Assay for Diagnosing Coeliac Disease

by J West, CA Lloyd, PG Hill, GKT Holm

Platelet Membrane Glycoproteins in Haemostasis

by Stephen Thomas

Detection of Procalcitonin (PCT) in Healthy Controls and Patients with Locat Infection by a Sensitive ILMA

by Nils G. Morgenthaler, Joachim Struck, Christina Fischer-Schulz, Elke Seidel-Mueller, Wilfried Beier and Andreas Bergmann

Clinical Aspects of Rh Genotyping

by Carlos M Cotomrelo, Claudia S Biondi, Silvia García Borrás, Amelia L Racca

Residual Risk of HIV-I Transmission: The Case of a Seroconverter

by Michelina Miceli, Massimo Giuliani, Assunta Gallo, Giuseppe Mercurio, Ercole Crescimbeni, Paola Iudicone

Anti-inflammatory and Antithrombotic Effects of Statins in the Management of Coronary Artery Disease

by Anetta Undas, Jan Brozek, Jacek Musial

Human Cytomegalovirus Saliyary Antibodies as Related to Stress

by O. Sarid, O. Anson, A.Yaari, M. Marga

Influence of Endurance Exercise (Triathlon) on Circulating Transferrin Receptors and Other Indicators of Iron Status In Female Athletes

by Lothar Röcker, Katrin Hinz, Karsten Holland, Hanns-Christian Gunga, Jens Vogelgesang, Holger Kiesewetter

Evaluation of an Improved Immunoturbidimetic Assay for Serum C-reactive Protein on a COBAS INTEGRA 400 Analyzer

by Angela Sánchez, José L. Mirabel, Eva Barrenechea, Josefina Eugui, Ana Puelles, Angel Castan

Use of the Anti-Endomysial Antibody test to Diagnose Coeliac Disease in Clinical Practice

by Callum B. Pearce, David Sinclair, Hamish D. Duncan, Myk Saas, David N. Poller

Impact of Laboratory Testing on DRG Coding and Reimbursement - Results of a Data Base Research

by Georg E. Hoffmann, Michael Schenker, Michael H. Wilke

Pharmacogenetics and the Future of Medical Practice

by Klaus Lindpaintner