Issue No 01+02/2002

Clin. Lab. 2002;48:5-18 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Diagnosis of Pheochromocytoma

by Tomas Lenz, Jan Gossmann, Karl-Ludwig Schulte, Lothar Salewski and Helmut Geiger
Clin. Lab. 2002;48:25-30 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Rapid Ryping of the Codon 129 Polymorphism of the Human Prion Protein Gene by Combined Real-Time PCR and Melting Curve Analysis

by Gunnar Schalasta, Bernhard Roth and Gisela Enders
Clin. Lab. 2002;48:31-38 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Validation of a New Automated Immunoassay for Measurement of Intact Osteocalcin

by Walter Josef Fassbender, Britta Steinhauer, Hilmar Stracke, Petra-Maria Schumm-Draeger, Klaus-Henning Usadel
Clin. Lab. 2002;48:39-44 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Cytomegalovirus as a Hepatotropic Virus

by Stefania Varani and Maria P. Landini
Clin. Lab. 2002;48:45-52 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Comparison of Three dsDNA-ELISAs with Regard to their Efficiency in the Diagnosis of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

by Markus Linnemann, Christoph Geisen, Sabine Menn, Christian Herzberg, Robert Dinser, Klaus Wielckens
Clin. Lab. 2002;48:53-59 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Molecular Biology of Partial D and Weak D: Implications for Blood Bank Practice

by Willy A. Flegel, Franz F. Wagner
Clin. Lab. 2002;48:61-71 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Simple, Rapid and Sensitive Determination of Epinephrine and Norepinephrine in Urine and Plasma by Non-competitive Enzyme Immunoassay, Compared with HPLC Method

by Juergen Westermann, Walter Hubl, Nicola Kaiser and Lothar Salewski.
Clin. Lab. 2002;48:19-23 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

A New Autoantibody in Celiac Disease

by Wulf B. Storch and Ulrike Schloeder