Issue No 09+10/2009


Relation Between 25(OH)-Vitamin D Deficiency and Markers of Bone Formation and Resorption in Haemodialysis Patients

by Neda LJ Milinkovic, Nada T Majkic-Singh, Dusko D Mirkovic, Andjelo D Beletic, Svetlana D Pejanovic, Svetlana T Vujanic

Multi-Site, Multi-Country Evaluation of Analytical and Operational Performance of a Low-Mid Volume Chemiluminescent Immunoassay Analyzer

by De Keijzer MH, Perkins S, Motta V, Morelli D, Cristol JP, Dupuy AM, Hong Y, Watanabe S, Waerdt C, Grunewald RW

Development of a High-Throughput Method for Screening the Dopamine D2 (DRD2) Receptor Gene Polymorphisms Based on the LightCycler® System

by Prause Stefan, Eidens Moritz, Weise Alexander, Weber Matthias M., Dahmen Norbert, Wunsch Annette, Forst Thomas, Pfutzner Andreas

The Determination of Uric Acid in Urine – Forgotten Problems Rediscovered in an External Quality Assessment Scheme

by William Graham Wood

Melatonin Reference Limits at 3:00 AM and 8:00 AM in Healthy Adults

by Dora D. Terzieva, Nonka D. Mateva, Ljudmila G. Vladimirova – Kitova

Temperature-stable transport of blood products across Europe on varying environmental demand: finally working with fresh frozen plasma (FFP) as well

by Michael Putzker, Katja Seidel, Michael Schmidt, Kai Hourfar, Irmgard Friedrich, Heike Bohnen, Thomas Klose

Safe system for transport of blood samples at recommended temperature (2-8°C)

by Thomas Klose, Barbara Prokoph, Katja Seidel, Michael Schmidt, Kai Hourfar, Michael Putzker