Issue No 09+10/2004

Clin. Lab. 2004;50:521-528 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Comparison of Cardiac Troponin T and Troponin I Assays - Implications of Analytical and Biochemical Differences on Clinical Performance

by Evangelos Giannitsis, Hugo A. Katus
Clin. Lab. 2004;50:529-538 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Monitoring of Hemostatic Status in Four Patients Being Treated with Recombinant Factor Vlla

by Marcus E Carr, Jr., Erika J. Martin, Jan G. Kuhn, Heather Ambrose, Stephen Fern, Paulette C. Bryant
Clin. Lab. 2004;50:539-549 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Evolving Techniques for Monitoring Clotting in Plasma and Whole Blood Samples

by Marcus E. Carr, Jr.. Erika J. Martin
Clin. Lab. 2004;50:551-557 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Comparison of Different Salivary and Fecal Antibodies for the Diagnosis of Celiac Disease

by Jeannine M. Lasheras Halblaub, Jörg Renno, Alexander Kempf, Jan Bartel, Heinrich Schmidt-Gayk
Clin. Lab. 2004;50:559-566 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Platelet Activation in Heart Failure

by Andreas Schäfer, Martin Eigenthaler, Johann Bauersachs
Clin. Lab. 2004;50:567-573 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Intact and Total Proinsulin: New Aspects for Diagnosis and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Insulin Resistance

by Andreas Pfützner, Peter H. Kann. Anke H. Pfützner, Thomas Kunt, Martin Larbig, Matthias M. Weber, Thomas Forst
Clin. Lab. 2004;50:575-580 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Use of the Enzyme Method for Antibody Identification

by Erwin Strobel
Clin. Lab. 2004;50:581-584 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Free Thyroxine Measured with Equilibrium Dialysis and Nine Immunoassays Decreases in Late Pregnancy

by Rémy Sapin. Michéle d'Herbomez, Jean-Louis Schlienger
Clin. Lab. 2004;50:585-598 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Characterization of Aged Osteocalcin Fragments in Urine Derived from Bone Resorption

by Paul A. C. Cloos. Stephan Christgau
Clin. Lab. 2004;50:599-607 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

The Significance of Laboratory Testing for the German Diagnosis-Related Group System

by Georg E. Hoffmann. Mike Schenker, Markus Kammann, Dierk Meyer-Lüerßen, Michael H. Wilke
Clin. Lab. 2004;50:609-615 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Post-Challenge Hyperglycaemia rather than Fasting Hyperglycaemia is an Independent Risk Factor of Cardiovascular Disease Events

by Weiguo Gao, Qing Qiao, Jaakko Tuomilehto
Clin. Lab. 2004;50:617-620 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Serum Prolactin in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection

by S. Ram, S. Acharya, JJR. Fernando, NR. Anderson, R. Gama