Issue No 05+06/2005

Clin. Lab. 2005;51:243-249 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Clinical and Laboratory Evaluation of a New Specific ELISA for Intact Proinsulin

by Pfützner A., Pfützner A.H., Kann P.H., Stute R., Löbig M., Yang J.W., Mistry J., Forst T
Clin. Lab. 2005;51:251-255 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Evaluation of the ARCHITECT STAT Troponin-I Assay

by Walter Hubl, Thomas Demant, Eberhard Gladrow
Clin. Lab. 2005;51:257-273 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Mutations in the Transketolase-like Gene TKTL1: Clinical Implications for Neurodegenerative Diseases, Diabetes and Cancer

by Johannes F. Coy, Dirk Dressler, Juergen Wilde, Peter Schubert
Clin. Lab. 2005;51:275-278 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Better Stability of Total Homocysteine Measurement with Sodium Fluoride than with EDTA

by Fleur Wolff, Philippe Gausset and Jean Vanderpas
Clin. Lab. 2005;51:279-283 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Anti-oxLDL Antibodies - Marker for Arterial Thromboses in Antiphospholipid Syndrome ?

by Mirjana Bećarević, Sladana Andrejević, Branka Bonaći-Nikolić, Ivana Obradović, Predrag Miljić, Nada Majkić-Singh
Clin. Lab. 2005;51:285-288 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Immunonephelometric Determination of Fibrinogen on Citrated or Heparinized Plasma: Comparison with Functional Clauss Method

by AS Bargnoux, AM Dupuy, C Biron-Andréani, JF Schved and JP Cristol
Clin. Lab. 2005;51:289-306 Abstract REVIEW ARTICLE

Fatty Acid Oxidation Defects as a Cause of Neuromyopathic Disease in Infants and Adults

by Simon E. Olpin