Issue No 01+02/2009

Clin. Lab. 2009;55:1-7 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Serological Detection of Specific IgG to Varicella-Zoster Virus by Novel ELISA Based on Viral Glycoprotein Antigen

by Andreas Sauerbrei, Peter Wutzler
Clin. Lab. 2009;55:41-48 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Serological Confirmatory Testing of Alveolar and Cystic Echinococcosis in Clinical Practice: Results of a Comparative Study with Commercialized and in-house Assays

by Ingrid Reiter-Owona, Beate Grüner, Matthias Frosch, Achim Hoerauf, Peter Kern, Dennis Tappe
Clin. Lab. 2009;55:49-52 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

The Impact Factor and Journals in Laboratory Medicine

by Giuseppe Lippi, Emmanuel J Favaloro, Gian Cesare Guidi
Clin. Lab. 2009;55:9-22 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Clinical Utility and Characteristics of nine anti-HCV Antibody Screening Reagents used in Japan

by Mifumi Kita, Matsuo Deguchi, Masanori Kagita, Nori Yoshioka, Eiji Kobayashi, Mikio Watanabe, Seishi Asari, Kiyoharu Yamanaka, Yoshinori Iwatani
Clin. Lab. 2009;55:53-55 Abstract POSTER

A Prospective Comparative Study for new Rapid Bedside Fecal Calprotectin Test with an Established ELISA to Assess Intestinal Inflammation

by Y. Shastri, N. Povse, J. Stein
Clin. Lab. 2009;55:23-30 Abstract SHORT COMMUNICATION

Throughout Expression of Multiple G-protein Coupled Receptors for HIV Infection in Choriocarcinoma Cells, Trophoblasts, and Breast Milk Cells

by Masashi Usami, Quang Duy Trinh, Fumihiro Yagyu, Yuuko Hayakawa, Noriyuki Inaba, Shoko Okitsu, Tung Gia Phan, Hiroshi Ushijima
Clin. Lab. 2009;55:31-40 Abstract ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Elevated HSP27, HSP70 and HSP90α in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Markers for Immune Activation and Tissue Destruction

by Stefan Hacker, Christopher Lambers, Konrad Hoetzenecker, Andreas Pollreisz, Clemens Aigner, Michael Lichtenauer, Andreas Mangold, Tina Niederpold, Matthias Zimmermann, Shahrokh Taghavi, Walter Klepetko, Hendrik Jan Ankersmit