Issue No 01+02/2006


Serum Cathepsin K Concentrations Reflect Osteoclastic Activity in Women with Postmenopausal Osteoporosis and Patients with Paget's Disease

by Christian Meier, Udo Meinhardt, Jerry R. Greenfield, James De Winter, Tuan V. Nguyen, Colin R. Dunstan, Markus J. Seibel

The Antiphospholipid Syndrome: An Update

by Massimo Franchini

Evaluation of a Capillary Zone Electrophoresis System versus a Conventional Agarose Gel System for Routine Serum Protein Separation and Monoclonal Component Typing

by L Roudiere, AM Boularan, A Bonardet, C Vallat, JP Cristol, AM Dupuy

Haptoglobin Phenotypes, Which One is Better and When?

by Burbea Zvi, Andrew P. Levy

A Novel LC-IDMS/MS Method for the Determination of the Cardiac Glycosides Digoxin and Digitoxin using Caesium Adducts

by Patricia Kaiser, Theodorus Akerboom, William Graham Wood, Hans Reinauer

Hepatitis B Virus Genotypes and Response to Antiviral Therapy

by Masaru Enomoto, Akihiro Tamori, Shuhei Nishiguchi

Relation of Parity and Homocysteine to Bone Mineral Density of Postmenopausal Women

by Necat Yilmaz, Necip Kepkep, Hülya Kanbur Cicek, Ahmet Celik, Iclal Meram

Influence of below Atmospheric Pressure on the Pharmaceutical Quality of Red Blood Cell Concentrates (RBCs) during Transport and Storage

by Thomas Klose, Holger Kiesewetter, Axel Pruß, Willi-Kurth Roth, Heike Bohnen, Irmgard Friedrich, Dagmar Eck, Michael Putzker