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ELISA on Saliva Samples for the Detection of Anti-Hydatid Cyst Antibodies by Meriem Benabid, Yousr Galai, Ramzi Nouira, Nissaf Ben Alaya, Aida Bouratbine, Karim Aoun

Background: The detection of antibodies in saliva samples proved to be effective in the diagnosis of several microbial diseases. These antibodies were screened in saliva samples of patients with hydatid cysts.
Methods: Anti-hydatid fluid antigen IgG and IgA antibodies were screened in saliva and sera of patients with hydatid cysts (n = 37) as well as in healthy controls (n = 30) using an in-house developed immunoenzymatic assay.
Results: Salivary anti-hydatid fluid antigen IgG showed a sensitivity of 86.5 % and a specificity of 80 %. A positive correlation was observed between anti-hydatid fluid antigen IgG in saliva and in serum (r = 0.364; p = 0.02).
Conclusions: The detection of anti-hydatid fluid antigen IgG antibodies in saliva using ELISA promises to be interesting for the diagnosis of cystic echinococcosis.

DOI: Clin. Lab. 2010;56:543-546