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Influence of Psychosocial Resources on the Relationship between Lifestyte and Cardiovascular or Mental Health by C. Mix, S. Bergmann, S. Muehlpfordt, P. Richter, W. Jaross

Among middle-aged women: The factor beta-lipoproteins is significantly influenced by cigarette smoking and by the intensity of physical activity at leisure time. The factor alpha-lipoproteins is not influenced by these lifestyle factors. The Ieukocyte count is higher among smokers. It is not significantly associated with other inflammation markers. The pre-diabetic risk profile is improved by physical activity at leisure time and by rigid eating behaviour in stressful situations. The physical activity at leisure time and a rigid eating behaviour in stressful situations play a positive role for mental health, too. Styles of coping with stress, action styles or sense of coherence do not influence the relationships between lifestyle factors and cardiovascular risk factors. Psychosocial resources intensify the relationships between lifestyle and mental health.

DOI: Clin. Lab. 2001;47:493-495