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Maternal Neudesin Levels in Pregnant Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus by Cemal R. Atalay, Tugba Ensari, Kadriye Yakut-Yucel, Nermin Atar, Dilara Yazici, Andac Uzdogan

Background: Our aim was to investigate the changes in neudesin levels in pregnant women with GDM and the relationship between neudesin and metabolic parameters.
Methods: Forty pregnant women diagnosed with GDM and forty age- and gestational week-matched control subjects were included in the study. Demographic data were obtained from records. Maternal lipid profiles, glucose levels, fasting insulin, HbA1C, and HOMA-IR results were compared between the groups. Correlation tests were performed to evaluate the relationship between neudesin and clinical and laboratory diagnostic parameters. p < 0.05 were interpreted as statistically significant.
Results: The human serum neudesin levels were significantly lower in the GDM group compared with the controls. The correlation tests showed statistically negative and weak correlations between the neudesin levels and the maternal age, 50 g OGCT, 100 g OGTT 3 hours, and HbA1C. The optimum neudesin cutoff value for a diagnosis of GDM disease is 6.94 ng/dL, with a sensitivity of 65.9% and a specificity of 63.2%.
Conclusions: This study has shown that lower neudesin levels may occur as a reflection of changes in glucose metabolism during intrauterine life.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2023.231139