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Identification and Blood Transfusion of a Rare A1.02/BA.02 Genotype by Yongqiang Shan, Tongtong Li, Xian Huang, Yang Yang, Ying Zhao, Lina Wu, Jinhui Xie

Background: The aim was to analyze the serological and molecular genetic characteristics of a rare B(A) subtype pedigree, explore its pathogenesis, and discuss transfusion strategies.
Methods: ABO blood typing serological tests were conducted on a female subject and her family member using standard serological methods. Sequencing analysis of the ABO gene exons 6 and 7 was performed using PCR technique for the female subject and her family member to examine the blood types of the participants.
Results: The serological test results showed a discrepancy between the forward and reverse typings of the female subject. The forward typing was similar to that of AB subtype serological forward typing, while the reverse typing indicated AB blood type. Based on the sequencing results, it is inferred that the female subject and her son have 8 mutations on one BA.02 chain: 297A>G, 526C>G, 657C>T, 700C>G, 703G>A, 796C>A, 803G>C, and 930G>A. Comparing these eight mutation sites with the Blood Group Antigen Gene Mutation Database (BGMUT), it was found that the female subject had a heterozygous mutation at c.700C>G in the 7th exon of the B.01 gene, consistent with the characteristics of the BA.02 allele. The genotype of the female subject was determined as A1.02/ BA.02, while the genotype of her son was determined as O.01.01/BA.02.
Conclusions: The serological presentation of the B(A) subtype for the female subject reported in this study was unique. It differed from previously reported cases, indicating that the determination of B(A) subtypes cannot solely rely on serological testing. It requires a comprehensive analysis combining the results of genetic testing and pedigree investigation.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2023.230927