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Pseudothrombocytosis Associated with Heatstroke by Qiong Zhu, Zheng Zhang, Lixia Zhang

Background: In several situations, spurious results are observed in the use of hematology analyzers including pseudothrombocytosis caused by part of the cytoplasm of abnormal cells which was reported in leukemic blasts, monoblasts, or lymphoblasts.
Methods and Results: Here, we report a rare case of pseudothrombocytosis caused by mature leukocyte fragments associated with heatstroke. It was identified by the peripheral blood smear and obvious difference between the PLT-F (fluorescence) and I (impedance) channel.
Conclusions: Observation of peripheral blood smears and determination on the PLT-F channel can identify this interference caused by leukocyte fragments in heatstroke.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2023.230731