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Verification of a Benchtop Hematology Analyzer with a 5-Part Differential Count: There is Nothing Wrong with Being Small by Anima Baiden, Elise Schapkaitz, Maynolia Naidoo, Susan Louw

Background: The benchtop ADVIA 560 AL hematology analyzer (Siemens Healthineers Tarrytown, NY, USA) offers a small footprint and ease of operation making it suitable for satellite laboratories and intensive care units. A verification study of this analyzer was performed.
Methods: Between- and intra-run precision, carry-over, linearity, and throughput were evaluated on the ADVIA 560 AL. Accuracy was assessed on 94 patient samples by comparing the results obtained on the ADVIA 560 AL to the results on the reference Sysmex XN1000 analyzer (Sysmex Corporation, Kobe, Japan).
Results: The ADVIA 560 AL showed acceptable imprecision on control material and minimal bias in comparison to the XN 1000 on patient samples with a throughput of 60 samples per hour. The percentage carryover was not significant and the linearity was within acceptable limits.
Conclusions: The ADVIA 560 AL bench-top analyzer is suitable for acute care centers and satellite laboratories owing to its small footprint, ease of use, and reproducible and accurate results.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2023.230630