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Contrast Media Ioversol Interferes with Urinalysis by Yangyang Tan, Xinjian Cai

Background: Ioversol is a commonly used non-ionic radiological contrast media in medical imaging to enhance the visualization of blood vessels, tissues, or organs. However, if it is not completely excreted, ioversol can interfere with urinalysis and lead to abnormal test results.
Methods: This study reported a case where the contrast media ioversol interfered with Sysmex UN automated urine analyzer.
Results: UC-3500 displayed no test results except the error code "0401”. UF-4000 indicated “abnormally high RBCs” and no parameter results.
Conclusions: Urine specimens containing contrast media are considered unqualified samples. Urinalysis should be performed only after the patient has completely excreted the contrast media.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2023.230661