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Spurious Platelet Counts Due to Cell Fragmentation in a Patient with Influenza B Virus by Minggang Lu, Lihong Zhang, Fen Ye, Guojian Shen, Ying Wang

Background: In clinical practice, thrombocytopenia is very dangerous for patients, because it has the risk of bleeding and may cause serious adverse consequences. Therefore, timely and accurate identification of spurious platelet counts is very important to improve patient safety.
Methods: This study reported a case of spurious platelet counts in a patient with influenza B virus.
Results: Leukocyte fragmentation is responsible for the inaccurate platelet detection results by resistance method in this influenza B patient.
Conclusions: In practical work, if abnormalities are found, blood smear staining and microscopic examination should be carried out in time, and clinical data should be combined to avoid the occurrence of adverse events and ensure patient safety.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220922