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Acquired and Isolated Deficiencies in Factor VII by F. Z. Alouhmy, H. Bencharef, S. Oufaska, B. Oukkache

Background: Acquired and isolated deficiencies in FVII are exceptional. They have mainly been reported during states of severe sepsis by the presence of proteases destroying the factor or neoplastic pathologies by the presence of an inhibitor. Consequently, very few cases have been published.
Methods and Results: We report two cases of isolated and acquired deficiency of factor VII due to the presence of inhibitors which were related to bacterial sepsis in the first patient and to squamous cell carcinoma in the second patient, diagnosed in the Hematology Laboratory of the CHU Ibn Rochd.
Conclusions: Factor VII deficiency is a rare and poorly described deficiency that can be acquired or constitutional. The search for anti-factor VII antibodies by diluted thromboplastin time should be requested depending on the clinical context.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220335