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A Case of Rare Complex Translocation of four Chromosomes with Primary Infertility by Kangying Wang, Haijian Tu, Hua Lin, Guanghui Xu, Yongzhi Lun

Background: Complex translocation of chromosomes often causes mental retardation, dysplasia, and a variety of abnormalities in patients, which can easily lead to sperm disorders in men, and carriers are often at high risk of adverse pregnancy.
Methods: The chromosome karyotypes of the patients were analyzed by collecting peripheral blood for lymphocyte culture, chromosome harvest, section and G-banding staining.
Results: The results of chromosome karyotype analysis in the patient were 46,XY, T (4; 11. 6; 8)(q33; p15; p12; Q22), the translocation occurred on chromosome 4, 11, 6 and 8, and the break points were q33, p15, p12 and q22, respectively.
Conclusions: Translocation occurred in 4 chromosomes of the patient, which was a complex translocation and was rare in clinic. The meiosis of the germ cells can interfere with the normal pairing and distribution of chromosomes, resulting in a high probability of abnormal gamete formation. Therefore, patients are advised to avoid natural conception, or use other people's sperm to obtain normal offspring through artificial insemination, or adopt children to achieve a successful family combination.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.220127