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Method Performance Verification of Anti-GAD65 and Anti-Insulin antibody Assays by Rihwa Choi, Sukjung Lee, Eunkyung Lee, Hyerim Kim, Sang Gon Lee

Background: The aim of this study was to evaluate the performance of chemiluminescence immunoassays for anti-GAD65 and anti-insulin antibodies following user verification guidelines.
Methods: The analytical performance of anti-GAD65 and anti-insulin antibodies using a MAGLUMI 2000 analyzer was verified following user verification guidelines by the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute.
Results: Performance specifications including precision, linearity, carry-over, cutoffs for positive results, reference intervals, and comparability with pre-existing commercially available radioimmunoassays using patient specimens and certified reference material were verified (coefficients of variation for precision of anti-GAD65 and anti-insulin antibodies were 2.6% and 3.4%, respectively). Comparability assessed using clinical serum specimens showed overall agreement with radioimmunoassay of 87.2% (95% confidence interval 74.8% - 94.0%) for the anti-GAD65 antibody assay and 85.4% (95% confidence interval 71.6% - 93.1%) for the anti-insulin antibody assay.
Conclusions: The results of this study verified the analytical performance of MAGLUMI anti-GAD65 and anti-insulin antibody assays for clinical use.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2021.210923