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Pseudoleukocytopenia: a Case Report by Xiang Qian, Kankan Su, Lixia Zhang

Background: Hematology analyzers provide quick and accurate results in most situations. However, spurious results related to the parameters from the complete blood count (CBC) may be observed in several instances. False increases in WBC count can occur for many reasons, including erythroblasts, insufficiently lysed red blood cells (RBC), platelet aggregates, lipids, and cryoglobulins. However, cases of pseudoleukocytopenia due to plasma related factors are rare.
Methods and Results: Here, we report a case of pseudoleukocytopenia in CBC test. It was identified by the peripheral blood smears and different scatter plots of WNR and WDF channel. The interference from plasma was con-firmed by simulating the state of blood in the WBC channel and plasma exchange.
Conclusions: It was confirmed that the interference of pseudoleukocytopenia was from the plasma. This may be due to the high amount of albumin and other therapeutic drug reactions. Observation of peripheral blood smears and scatter plots can identify this interference.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2021.211050