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Analysis of the Pathogenic Variants of Genes Using a Gene Panel in Turkish Epilepsy Patients by Dilek Gun-Bilgic, Muzaffer Polat

Background: Epilepsy is a neurological disease that is mostly caused by genetic factors. The genetic diagnosis of patients in a pediatric epilepsy cohort was provided.
Methods: After phenotypic characterization, a 48-gene Next Generation Sequencing panel was performed in 110 Turkish children with epilepsy. The variants were called and annotated using the QIAGEN Ingenuity® Variant Analysis software.
Results: Of those carrying pathogenic mutations, two patients had mutations in the SCN1A gene and two patients in the TSC2 gene; other patients had mutations in the SCN1B, GRIN2B, KCNQ2, PCDH19, CHRNA2, and MECP2 genes. In total, nine out of 10 patients had pathogenic variants that were not previously reported.
Conclusions: The genotype-phenotype correlations of these variants were discussed by comparing the clinical findings with the literature.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2021.210939