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Pseudo Elevation of Serum Calcium Due to Separator Gel Contamination: Case Report by Guoxiang Bao, Hongbin Wang, Lihong Zhang

Background: Vacuum blood collection tubes with separator gels have made biochemical testing considerably more convenient and provided test samples with better quality; however, the separator gel composition is complex, and it is easy to be polluted by some chemical substances that affect the accuracy of the test results if the raw material control is not strict.
Methods: This study reported a case of pseudo elevation of serum calcium.
Results: The pseudo elevation of serum calcium was caused by separator gel calcium contamination of the new batch of vacuum tube (s2005030).
Conclusions: We recommend that clinical laboratories verify the performance of each new batch of vacuum blood collection tubes before using them to prevent the occurrence of adverse events, ensure the accuracy of test results, and provide better clinical services.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2021.210752