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Identification of Blood Exosomal miRNA-1246, miRNA-150-5p, miRNA-5787 and miRNA-8069 as Sensitive Biomarkers for Hepatitis B Virus Infection by Daming Wang, Tingting Huang, Tingyu Ren, Qing Liu, Zhuoyang Zhou, Liu Ge, Zeyan Chen, Jiao Liu, Hezhongrong Nie, Wen Ma, Hongwei Shen, Chunchen Liu, Dandan Zhang, Yiwen Zhou, Lei Zheng

Background: There is a big difference in the expression of miRNAs of plasma exosomes of patients with HBV infection. This study aims to analyze four molecular markers of peripheral blood plasma exosomes to evaluate their potential diagnostic values in HBV infection.
Methods: A total of 55 cases of patients with chronic hepatitis B were in Experimental Group 1; 49 cases of hepatitis B carriers were in Experimental Group 2, and 46 cases were in the healthy control group. The total RNA of the plasma exosome was used to analyze the specificity and sensitivity and draw ROC curves.
Results: There was a significant difference in the expression of miRNA-1246, miRNA-150-5p, miRNA-5787, and miRNA-8069 down-regulated by plasma exosomes in Experimental Group 1 and Group 2 and Control Group, with a p value of less than 0.05.
Conclusions: The molecular markers down-regulated were miRNA-1246, miRNA-150-5p, miRNA-5787, and miRNA-8069. The four miRNAs were initially identified as new markers of miRNAs of peripheral blood plasma exosomes after HBV infection. It is better to use multiple markers for combined diagnosis.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2021.210415