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Next Generation Sequencing is a Reliable Tool for Detecting BRCA1/2 Mutations, Including Large Genomic Rearrangements by Jae Hee Lee, Nam-Hee Ryoo, Jung-Sook Ha, Sunggyun Park, Kyoung Bo Kim, Sun Hee Kang, Do-Hoon Kim

Background: Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has been implemented as a rapid and cost-effective BRCA1/2 test strategy. The Oncomine™ BRCA Research Assay is an NGS-based tool for simultaneous detection of small-scale mutations and large genomic rearrangements (LGRs). We evaluated this NGS assay using different versions of Ion Reporter™ (IR) software.
Methods: A total of 258 patients with breast, ovarian, primary peritoneal, and fallopian tube cancer, or a family history thereof, were enrolled in the study. The NGS assay was implemented for all samples, and the results were compared with those of Sanger sequencing and MLPA.
Results: All small-scale variations in Sanger sequencing were successfully detected by NGS assay. For the detection of LGRs, this assay showed 100% sensitivity from IR v5.10, and the latest version of the software (v5.16) showed the highest sensitivity and specificity.
Conclusions: NGS with an appropriately updated workflow proved reliable for comprehensive BRCA1/2 gene testing, including LGR screening, which could facilitate efficient and accurate decision-making regarding treatment.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2021.210609