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A Case of AB Para-Bombay Phenotype with Weak A Antigen Expression by Zheng Liang, Jiaqi Li, Yan Chao, Yuhua Lyu, Houquan Zhou, Sijing Liu, Yaozong He, Yunlong Gao, Xinzhong Wu, Yanjun Lu

Background: The Para-Bombay phenotype is characterized by H antigen partially or totally deficient on red blood cells and the presence of ABH substances in body fluids.
Methods: A patient with discrepant results in forward and reverse ABO phenotyping was further investigated by serological and molecular methods.
Results: Ortho gel and tube results showed weak A antigen expression and weak antibody reacting with A and B cells. Absorption-elution assay detected B antigen, and saliva test confirmed substances H were present. The patient was confirmed as A102B101 and Le(a+b+) phenotype.
Conclusions: These findings suggest that the case is AB Para-Bombay Phenotype (secretor).

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2021.210439