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Principles for Organizing the Flow of Automation in the Clinical Laboratory by Luís F. B. Porto, Carolina N. Franca, Carlos E. dos S. Ferreira

In the healthcare industry, there is strong pressure to reduce costs that, together with several factors, have contributed significantly to the scarcity of resources in the health system. Besides, health systems will continue to be under pressure to serve their users. Therefore, it is necessary to develop an innovative model that combines quality, sustainability, and increased access. For the success of any decision-making process regarding the purchase, rental, or lending of automation equipment, not only costing assessments are required, but above all, alignment with the institutional strategy, ideally conceptualized in an organization model by optimized workflows and work processes, in order to, ultimately, be able to remain profitable and competitive in the current global business environment, which requires continuous improvement in levels of productivity, quality, agility, and service provision.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2020.201102