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Establishment of Reference Intervals for Umbilical Arterial Blood from Healthy Neonates in the Hulunbuir Area of China by Hui Sun, Gang Sun, ChunYu Li, Jing Xue, LiJiang Zhang, Xin Zhang

Background: This study aimed to establish reference intervals for blood gas analyses of umbilical arterial blood from healthy neonates in the Hulunbuir area of China.
Methods: APGAR scores of 8 - 10 (1-min intervals) were obtained for umbilical arterial blood collected from 2,845 healthy newborns during 2,016 - 2,018 based on 10 items - pH, PCO2, PO2, K+, Na+, Cl−, Ca2+, lactic acid (Lac), hemoglobin (Hb), base excess (BE) - using the electrode method. Means ± 1.96 SD were used to establish reference ranges.
Results: Reference intervals obtained were pH 7.25 ± 0.13, PCO2 53.8 ± 20.6 mmHg, PO2 20.8 ± 10.3 mmHg, K+ 4.34 ± 1.32 mmol/L, Na+ 132.4 ± 4.30 mmol/L, Cl− 105.22 ± 5.51 mmol/L, Ca2+ 1.35 ± 0.13 mmol/L, Lac 3.36 ± 1.75 mmol/L, Hb 15.62 ± 3.06 g/dL, BE -4.62 ± 3.28 mmol/L.
Conclusions: These results can help evaluate hypoxia associated with neonatal ischemia in the clinical setting and provide a basis for establishing references for umbilical arterial blood gas in other geographic regions.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2020.191227