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National Survey on Patient Satisfaction of Clinical Laboratories in China by Shukang He, Lu Zhang, Wei Wang, Falin He, Shuai Yuan, Kun Zhong, Zhiguo Wang

Background: Customer satisfaction is one of quality indicators which can be used to identify quality defects in the total process and remind clinical laboratories to take measures to improve the process. This study mainly reviewed and analyzed the general situation through a customer satisfaction survey in clinical laboratories in China and described the overall customer satisfaction of outpatients and inpatients.
Methods: Surveys in this study could be divided into two stages. The first stage was to investigate the general situation through a customer satisfaction survey in Chinese clinical laboratories. In the second stage, clinical laboratories carried out nationwide surveys on the satisfaction of outpatients and inpatients. Chi-square test and logistic regression analysis were applied to determine the relationship between the general characteristics of patients and patient satisfaction.
Results: The recovery rate in the first stage was 34.54%. In the second stage, we received 12,919 outpatient questionnaires and 11,818 inpatient questionnaires. Outpatients and inpatients had a common trend: satisfaction rates increased with age and decreased with frequency of visit. Patients who possessed a bachelor degree or above had a higher satisfaction rate than those who had only received a high school education or below.
Conclusions: There was a high level of patient satisfaction with clinical laboratory services, but aspects of dissatisfaction still existed, which provided opportunities for clinical laboratories in China to improve their service quality.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2020.191205