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LncRNA SNHG7 is an Oncogenic Biomarker Interacting with MicroRNA-193b in Colon Carcinogenesis by KL. Liu, J. Wu, WK. Li, NS. Li, Q. Li, YQ. Lao

Background: The expression and significance of small nucleolar RNA host gene 7 (SNHG7) in early-stage colon carcinogenesis remains unclear.
Methods: The level of SNHG7 and microRNA-193b (miR-193b) was detected by qRT-PCR in colon tumor tissues and cells. The interaction of SNHG7 and miR-193b and the influence of SNHG7 silencing on colon tumor cells was evaluated.
Results: Stepwise upregulated SNHG7 in colon advanced adenomas and early-stage cancer negatively correlates with miR-193b level, the direct interaction was confirmed in vitro. SNHG7 silencing in HT29 cells decreased proliferation and promoted apoptosis by inhibiting K-ras/ERK/cyclinD1.
Conclusions: SNHG7 is an oncogenic biomarker in colon carcinogenesis. The effect may be mediated by interaction with miR-193b.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2019.190501