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A Novel Approach of Urinary Monohydroxyphenyl Metabolites Assay in Cancer Screening by Chao Gan, Li-Qiong Yao, Na Su, Jin-Hong Zhu, Fei Li, Wen-Ti Li, Yan-Yun Wang, Yong-Xin Shi, Hai-Tao Yu

Background: A noninvasive, fast, highly sensitive and simple test is needed for cancer screening in addition to the detection of biomarkers in blood. Recently, the patent (CN102565055A) for the Urinary Monohydroxyphenyl Metabolites Assay (UMM-A) was authorized, and the effectiveness of clinical application has yet to be studied further.
Methods: A retrospective study was conducted consisting of 432 cancer patients, 28 benign tumor patients, 117 non-cancerous diseases patients, and 120 healthy donors to analyze the levels of monohydroxyphenyl metabolites in the urine sample. A logistic regression model was used to study the possible confounding factors affecting the diagnostic performance and to test the probability of a case to be positive for UMM-A.
Results: Compared with healthy donors, non-cancerous disease, and benign tumor subjects, the positive rate and MM level of UMM-A in cancer patients have significantly increased. After the 246 retreated cancer patients were excluded, and 186 untreated cancer patients were included, with the same specificity to 77.0%, the sensitivity improved from 66.7 to 89.8%, the negative predictive value improved from 58.6 to 91.4%.
Conclusions: The present study has provided important information on the diagnostic characteristics of UMM-A for untreated cancer and its potential application in cancer screening.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2019.190425